ST-Guards HSS

Premium Grade - Vintage style Pickguard for Strat - HSS Rounting Humbucker-Singlecoil-Singlecoil. Now 2,6mm Thickness gives a nice vintage look to the bevel edge Correct (different) Countersunk for Pickguard, Switch and Pickup Mounting Screws for perfect tight fit!
-3&4-Ply Wide Bevel with thicker Black Middle Layer
-2,6mm overall Thickness
-Fits 11 hole U.S. 62&64 template and will fit US/Mexican reissue and genuine vintage Strats
-Different Deep Countersunk Hole
-Non Countersunk Humbucker Mounting holes
-Routing for Humbucker with & without Cover
-New more authentic Colormix for Tortoise Guards

New Colormix...

Newcolor Mix...closer to Vintage
Newcolor Mix...closer to Vintage The Red is killer...nice mixed between red and light brown...the Brown Color is all time bestseller...all Guards have a real Celloloid Toplayer!

Perfect Humbucker Routings

Perfect routings for Humbuckers
Perfect routings for Humbuckers For Humbuckers with and without Covers...

Humbucker Routing for Pickups with Cover

Not only Perfect routing...
Not only Perfect routing... also the Mounting Holes are perfect routed..