62' ST Wide Bevel Vintage Green Guard

Premium Grade - 62 Vintage Mint Green Pickguard for Strat - Color is very close to org. old Nitrate Guards (not so Green like the most aftermarket guards) This Guards has a Vintage Wide Bevel, thicker Black layer! More Vintage correct! ...now 2,6mm Thickness gives a nice vintage look to the bevel edge Correct (different) Countersunk for Pickguard, Switch and Pickup Mounting Screws for perfect tight fit!
11 Hole Vintage Mint Green pickguard for Strat, 3 Ply.- No Scoop- Made in Japan, this guard is the U.S. 62 template and will fit US/Mexican reissue and genuine vintage Strats These are on eof the the BEST replacement guards!

Wide Bevel compare to Std. Guard (Top)
Wide Bevel compare to Std. Guard (Top)

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