Gretsch Filtertron Slotted Screws 6x40 Nickel (12)

Filtertron Slotted Fillister Pole Screws 6-40x.75"-Nickel-Qty 12
Filtertron Pole Screws**
-SAE 6-40 x 75" slotted fillister machine screw
-Nickel plated steel
-Overall length (including screw head) - .845" (21.5mm)
-Thread diameter -.133" (3.4mm)
-Head diameter -.210" (5.3mm)
-Qty 12
**These will not fit standard humbucker pickups. These are only designed for Filtertron pickups that use threaded SAE 6-40 pole screws. Not all Filtertron use the same size pole screws. Please check the size before placing your order.

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Set of 12