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Pickupcovers, Bases, Screws, Slugs

Europes largest selection of Pickupbuilding Parts!

All our Parts are made in USA! Pickupcovers, Baseplates, Screws, Bobbins, Poleshoes, Slugs...We offer also a selection of one of the finest Pickupmagnets available...Made in UK and USA Pickupmagnets are one of the key of good sounding Pickups...we think the magnet makes 70% of the sound. Our Range of Pickupcovers is huge, incl. some rare types like Thunderbird, Filtertron and Widerange Covers. All Covers are made of Nickel Silver for best tone.

We also offer a huge range of Pickupbuildingparts Builders please ask for Terms & Prices! Please understand we only supply parts in larger qtys. to PROFESSIONAL Builders...we dont offer single parts/items to dealerprices!

Our clients:
GAS Pickup Greece
Häussel Pickups Germany
OX4 Pickups UK
Mojo Pickups UK
Amber Pickups Germany
Barfuss Pickups Germany
Urban Pickups Sweden
Tournadem Pickups France
Gutt Custompickups Germany
Bulldog Pickups UK
Dreamsong Pickups Italy

Poleshoes with different Spacings

Vintage PAF stickers

Patend granted sounds strange...
Patend granted sounds strange... ..we think our PAF Series named it...real Vintage sounding PAFs...Rich harmonics, open and always clear string seperation! Real Vintage attitude of old PAFs

Butyrate Bobbins