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Area59' Vintage Soapbar P90 7,7K

Finally a P90 with Vintage style correct Baseplate and Vintage correct 49,2mm Spacing...Alnico 5 partial loaded Custommagnets for the perfect sweet, open and punchy P90 sound you know from famous records. Nothing more to say!
Pickups comes without cover since we open different ones, Standard Bone White or Black Plastic or Real Butyrate Vintage correct Vintage Bone or Black! So please order cover seperate!
-49,2mm Spacing
-Vintage style Nickelsilver Baseplate
-ALN5 Custommade Mags
-Vintage Cheesehead Polescrews
-42awg Copperwire
-7,7K for neck or low power bridge! Nice in both positions!

Product ID: A59VP90N77

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