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Butyrate P90 Cover Ivory Fitted Shape

Vintage correct Butyrate Cover 49,2mm Spacing
Vintage correct Butyrate Cover 49,2mm Spacing with correct toolingmarks and Numbers inside! Ava. Vintage Bone or Black

-Only ava. when bought with Vintagebase P90! Otherwise Cover is 39€
Shapefit Area59' True to Vintage P90 Butyrate (CAB) Vintage correct Soapbar Covers Maybe the best Aftermarket Vintage correct Soapbar Cover ava. incl. correct numbers inside!
-Vintage correct Size (Vintage and Gibson Historic Collection)
-Correct UC 452 B Marking inside the Cover
-Made of Butyrate (CAB)
-49,2mm Vintage Spacing
-Vintage Ivory Color


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20,00 EUR

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