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P90 Staple Adjustable Pickup Neck

Vintage style P90s just in...
Vintage style P90s just in... We just got the first Vintage style P90 Staple and Soapbar style...

Based on an original 1950s staple pickup, our Staple P-90 features hand-beveled rectangular Alnico bar magnets as non-adjustable pole pieces.
The tonal character of the P-90 Staple hits the sweet spot between the Leo sound of a good Alnico Pole P-90s and the grit of a traditional steel pole P-90s giving you plenty of grind plus added clarity and overall punch.
Classic single coil, which requires no introduction, but with the adjustable alnico staple magnets.
Brighter than a standard P90, but retains P90 character
Hand wound with 42awg wire.
Neck aprx. 7K

Product ID: A59SPRLBLK

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189,00 EUR

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