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"Black in Black" T-Top Aged

The new Area59' T-Top Replica is a faithful recreation of mid 60's- 1970's era Gibson humbucking pickups that really capture the tone ,feel and look of the famous classic rock pickups!

Made with vintage correct parts and Butyrate T-Top Repro bobbins. Build for players who want a vintage feel with a crisper, harder attack courtesy of the AlNiCo V magnet which produces a nice edge to the tone with great clarity and articulation clean or dirty. When driven the T-Top has a very musical response that is both crisp and aggressive. Pickups who hold their place in rock history! Rock'n'Roll Damnation...

Wound with correct red poly wire, output is set at the correct T Top range.
7.3k-7.6k for the neck and 7.7k-7.9k for the bridge
T-Tops Reprobobbins (Butyrate)
Vintage correct Baseplate
2Strand Braided Shieldwire
Short A5 Magnet

Sold as matched set. (Rings are not included)

Product ID: A59TTOP

Available soon

249,00 EUR

Price incl.19% Ust.
Set of 2

left Creme Ivory, right Bone White
left Creme Ivory, right Bone White