Vintage correct Gibson® Backplate Screws(13)Nickel

Vintage style Gibson Backplate Screws...
For those of you who really want to look behind the curtain: while most of today´s "vintage screws" are looking well from top when screwed in, all screws we are aware of are lacking of the geometry underneath: Gibson used in the vintage days wood screws that were partly threaded - all modern "vintage screws" are fully threaded (and of wrong shape).
Most of these correct vintage-style (partly threaded) screws are no longer made and we are lucky to offer here custom made vintage wood screws of vintage correct style and measurements, all made from nickel plated (mild) steel.
The set contains the following vintage style screws:
- #3 x 3/8" Phillips oval head wood screw, partly threaded and vintage shape, 13 pcs.
(7x backplates, 4x jackplate, 2x pickguard bracket)
- Made of mild steel, nickel plated


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Set of 13