Pinnacle Locking Nonwire ABR-1 Gold

Possibly the best locking (and sounding) ABR-1 bridge made for Gibson Les Paul guitars and others too! The post and locking cap both have a rounded surface that mates perfectly to the round receptacle on the ABR-1 body. Prior to locking the bridge, the pivoting connection allows the bridge to self-center and tilt for proper bridge alignment. When locked down, this connection will have a larger contact path for better tone transmissions from the bridge to the guitar's body! You can use your stock SAE 6-32 threads posts!
-Made in the USA
-Gold plated Finish
-Unnotched org. GIBSON brass saddle for custom string spacing
-Org. GIBSON brass screws
-2 Posts SAE 6-32 threads
-2 7/8" stud spacing
-12" saddle radius

String Spread: 2-1/32" (51.56mm)
Saddle Radius: 12" (304.80mm)
Post Spacing: 2-29/32" (73.66mm)
Post Threads: 6-32 x 1-1/16"

This bridge will provides...
-More presence out of your guitar
-More volume – you can notice the volume jump on the guitar acoustically
-More clarity – notes will come out clearer and have a quicker response without being harsh on the high end or thin
-More sustain

Its also great if your guitar has Maestro or Bigsby Vibrola...this bridge will give you much more stabillity and helps your gtr stay in tune!

Product ID: CP-1255G

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