Custommade Binding (Made in Germany) Luthier Grade Non Toxic great vintage color! Trussrods and more

  • Barbed Half Hoon truss rod washer

    Gibson USA Standard, Half-moon washer: 11/32" x 9/16" x .100" steel (8.73mm x 14.29mm x 2.54mm) w...

    2,00 EUR (Price incl.19% Ust.)

  • Gibson style Vintage Trussrod

    One-way rod used in Historic Collection /CC Gibson guitars! Direct replacement adjustable neck ...

    17,90 EUR (Price incl.19% Ust.)

  • 7,25'' Radius Preshaped Bone Nut

    Real Bone nut, Preslotted, Preshaped 7,25'' Radius Starting with one of these slotted nuts saves...

    7,90 EUR (Price incl.19% Ust.)

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