"Lampshape" style Knobs

  • Lampshape Wood Series
  • Lampshade "Bird" Series
  • Lampshape Ltd.Edt. Series

..here is the brand new "LS" Series ...nothing more to say....MADE IN GERMANY... We offer 3 different styles...checkout
Our new "Lampshade" Knob...like all our parts these are made in Germany from the finest woods and materials Fits US (CTS) Pots...Size is 26x14,25mm....Please note in case of the naturally of the wood and materials, color and grain each knobs is unique!
PRS® is registrated trademark of Paul Reed Smith Guitars USA, we are not affilated in any case with PRS® Guitars! The Products we offer are aftermarket parts! Not original PRS® parts.

Our Wood Serie with same Classic Look just with real Ablaone Bird Inlay...No need to ask for what kind of brand those are perfect matching...

Ltd.Edition Series made of Unique Materials...Limited Quantities and Materials...for sure all made in Germany...Baltic Sea, Leopard Design or Cool Mint what is your favorite?

Santos Rosewood